Thursday, 22 October 2015


Big day. Really tired. Karen and I went to Hamilton for my three month checkup at the cancer centre. 

The doctor thinks my current sore is not cancer and I don't either. Just another boring ulcer. No enlarged lymph nodes either. Hurray!

We celebrated by going to Staxx in downtown Hamilton for chicken and waffles. 

I've heard of this unlikely duo often but never had it. Karen alertly heard about Staxx chicken and waffle on the food network show You Gotta Eat Here and looked up the address. 

It was really delicious but we seriously should only have ordered one order and shared. We couldn't close the lids on our doggy boxes. And then we left them on the table but our cheerful waitress ran us down outside. 

Karen practiced her songs for Saturday's show on the way home and time flew. 

Should have a better camera to use while mine is being fixed soon, lots of kind offers, but in the meantime I just have to try to be creative with what I have. I'm enjoying some videos where they give a top photographer a really crappy camera and see what they can do. 

This one with Lara Jade is great:

Such a fun concept that challenges that you need a good camera to take creative pictures. 

I'm not a top photographer and I have a better than that toy kiddie camera in my not so great point and shoot water camera so no reason to stop having fun. 

I was talking to a lady in a wheelchair looking at our photographs at the art display yesterday about how she used to enjoy taking pictures. When I did my spiel about joining our club she gently pointed out that she is paralyzed. And we sat with that fact for a bit. I couldn't think of one cheerful thing to say and I think she may have appreciated that. So really, the fact that I can walk almost anywhere I want and pick up any camera at all is tremendous. 

But oh. I miss the power of a DSLR. I do. I know the new high end point and shoots are fantastic with better distance range than my long lens. And they have manual settings. But here's the thing, I haven't learned enough yet to use manual settings on a point and shoot. I have to understand them on a DSLR first.

Also, I don't want the whole view of what's in front of me. I only want what the light and rain are pointing out, or whatever little critter wants to turn up, or a smile when it blazes across a toddlers face. 

Wow someone's tired and should go to bed!

Night. Thanks for caring. 

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