Monday, 12 October 2015

Pumpkin patch 1 - Dream come true

Today I got to go to a pumpkin patch to take pictures. It's something I've wanted to do with the kids in my life for a really long time - well before all these kids today were born. It took me a while tonight to figure out why it hadn't happened before today. Yes the weather this time of year is capricious and that's what happened last year and people are busy but still, if I'd asked, I know my friends and family would have made it happen. They're pretty great. 

I even remember thinking before that the best place to go would be along the highway to Guelph because it's so close to the road and that's when I twigged in that there's no way I could have done the walking I did today in the past. 

I have so much fun taking pictures of flowers and chippies and birds every day in varying light and weather that I forget that I'm walking to get to them. And I can forget that I'm walking to them because I had five surgeries on the same knee and even when there was screaming pain all the time I kept moving just a little. I'm not saying it's pain free now, and I needed my rollator today to make the hills for sure, but today feels like a huge reward and I am grateful. 

As always on a big photo day there'll be many blog posts and the irony is that when the bubbles started happening I lost sight of the pumpkins but they cropped up (ha) now and then like in the one above. 

Tonight we'll mostly just look at beautiful faces in the cut out pumpkin.  

A few different crops of the first picture. 

Special shout out to Karen for chasing down a wagon cause my pumpkin patch dreams always included one!


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