Thursday, 8 October 2015

Tilly's daisies

Very few pictures tonight because I actually didn't go outside today. Which feels weird and wrong and it won't happen again tomorrow. Blue Jay game or no Blue Jay game. 

I did make a little trailer for the Grand Harmony show. You can see it here:

iTunes provided the outline but short videos take a lot longer than longer ones because they force you to be succinct in telling your story. 

And good news my iPod did spring back to life once the battery died completely so yay, I could get my Tilly pictures. 

She had flowers on her bum and it was the cutest thing ever so we sent some in to even though I haven't been able to crack them yet and I didn't get the angle of picture I wanted. 

We'll see.  Surely Tilly's level of cuteness will crack their hard hearts and they'll post her. They're smart. You don't actually win anything except bragging rights and that makes me try harder. 

Meanwhile Cooper and Grandpa had fun in the leaves today!


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