Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cooper the thanksgiving kissing bandit

To say that Cooper enjoyed himself yesterday would be a royal understatement! I'm still hoping to get to a pumpkin patch with the kids but even if I don't these pictures make me very happy. 

Due to the lovely weather we got our pumpkins at Walmart. 

Counting out how many pumpkins we would need. Cooper. Ava. Olivibia. Caleb. Emalee. 

Our greeting committee!

Anne and Len couldn't attend but Anne dropped a beautiful centrepiece by. 

Henry's latest find. 

Hard at work creating delicious food. 

Carmel likes to be part of the action. 

Roxy blends right in. 

Carmel gave Cooper a nosy kiss and that set him off on a hunt for kisses. 

Olivia's awesome school project. 

Emily's cool sign. 

You can build some tall towers when you are 6 ft 2!

Our wonderful hosts. 

Olivia's sprained ankle is coming along pretty well. The multi talented Annette spruced up the crutches. 

These people. 

We tried to recreate a picture. 

As you can see there was a make up and beauty shop going on most of the evening. 

Super hero pumpkin. 

Mary got to read lots of stories. 

Blackberry is a lot shyer than Carmel. 

Mary's reading was so mesmerizing that Jim lost his concentration in the Euchre game. 

Grandpa got in on the book reading too. 

One more nosey kiss to end the evening. 

We tried to cheer the Jays into a win

We even did the wave around the room

But no luck. 


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