Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pumpkin patch 3 - a minion returns

Today Cooper and Henry and I made a return visit to the pumpkin patch play park. I was much more relaxed because I wasn't worried about getting pictures in the pumpkin field this time. Cooper rocked his minion hat that Annette made for him. 

Cooper picked out a squash right away but we talked him into playing first. 

There was a potty break intermission. 

A triumphant return. 

There are lots of smiles if you wait for them...

But you don't necessarily ASK for smiles. 

This is when my camera started giving me an error message and acting up. I didn't know it was doing this till I got home. 

What's this button for?

What this one for?

What this button for?

This ones for tractor loving Lizzy:

We didn't visit the animals today but we did play with this little goat. 

Fed him corn

and watched him escape his pen. 

Goats love apples too. 

Here are some more pictures from Monday. Lots more after these too. 

Dana heroically herding Cooper from the play area. 

He did love the animals. 

We skirted the play area by heading through the barn yard. 

Not really convinced or fooled as to why we're heading further from the play area. 

Missed the jump!

But not this time. 

I love her energy and love of movement!

Still not convinced. Don't worry he had fun :-)

And this is where we'll take up next time. 


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