Sunday, 18 October 2015

Pumpkin patch 4 - bubbles begin

I brought some bubbles along and they were a hit. 

I needed to change positions because the wind was blowing the bubbles away from me which makes me laugh because there won't be any actual pumpkins in the pictures for a while. 

I never asked Ava and Olivia to stand beside each other to pose but these worked out pretty well. 

Tried again with my camera. 

Still not working but limped along. 

Until here. 

Gonna take it in tomorrow and see what happens. 

The shark hat was the first one in the warm hat pile. 

Shark shadow:

Broke out the iPod camera. 

This is as far as Harry got. 

Earlier in the day my brothers fixed my vacuum. Thanks!

And Harry had a dust up with Siri. 


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