Friday, 16 October 2015

Flawed birds in the rain

So I guess the sensible thing to do when your camera is adding a big black or white slash to most pictures is to stop using it but where's the fun in that? I went for my walk anyway and was rewarded by some nice hard driving rain to try to capture.  

I figured I could crop out the slash and many times I could. 

But then I figured I'd just roll with it if I couldn't remove it.  Kinda like life. You don't always have the option to edit you just have to keep going. 

Sometimes I kinda liked it. 

Sometimes I didn't. 

I love that birds are so active during rain. They are not delicate creatures. 

There are lots of Real Housewives moments like this one:

Especially when the finch food gets lower and there are less perches - insert obvious metaphor for the world here. 

Sometimes a bit of sun during the rain and the flaw worked together for good. 

Been seeing a new to me fat little gray bird. 

A little bigger than the goldfinches but same tail. Not as big as a sparrow. More of a ground feeder. 

Time for the squirrel show. 

I admit that I was bothered by the flaws interference with this excellent tock shot. I do intend to find a way to fix the camera. 

Might send this one in to Toctober on Cute Overload:

This guy had a magnificent tail. 

Yes you. 

Thanks for posing with my little squash 

Sun was back so I went home to get Harry. 

He let me put his harness on but politely declined to set a paw outdoors. 

He gave me a nice cuddle then he put himself to bed. He has never gotten under the covers like this before. Stayed there all evening. He is ready for winter. 

Cooper after the pumpkin patch yesterday:


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