Monday, 5 October 2015

Lizzy's chocolate cake & chippy tushies

I have a lot of pictures that are similar to each other tonight so I've lured you here with some Lizzy pictures. They've had warmer weather in Scotland than here so they celebrated with a walk and Lizzy got her own piece of chocolate cake for the first time!

I think she liked it! This reminds me I still have some pictures of Lizzy eating ice cream at sushi to look at. 

These next pictures are all from yesterday. Too humid and buggy out today. 

There were three chippies enjoying my bird seed. Let's just say that sharing is not their strong suit. 

I follow a website called Cute Overload. Been trying to get a picture on it with no success. They sometimes have a theme for the month, for example November is Nosvember and you send in cute pictures of your pet's nose. Well October is Toctober so you send in cute animal bums. You can't get much cuter than a chippy bum so I'm going to give it another try with some of these. 

Meanwhile there's still a quarter of a mountain ash in front of my place. 

Harry rushed out to see what was up. 

I called it in so hopefully it gets moved before the wind picks up again. 

We have some new neighbours. Haven't really seen pigeons around before. 

Harry and I had a big hunt. 

But the pigeon was never really concerned about us. 


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