Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pumpkin patch 2 - ladies in striped shirts

Dana dropped me off and I met up with a lovely welcoming committee and a whole lot of yellow and orange. 

Also some lovely blue. 

Cooper arrived to find toddler Nirvana - a play park maze! Every old playschool climber and slide in the city in one spot. 

Ava and Emily introducing one of their carefully chosen and named mini squash who were carried around and shown a wonderful time. 

Sweet beautiful Vivi. 

Apparently the pumpkin tarts were awesome. 

These kids are such good sports. 

Cooper never fell off of a climber but he  took a little tumble off this picnic table seat 

He was very cool about it and carefully did the same manoeuvre again to get it right this time. 

You weren't supposed to walk on the bales but I was so ticked off at them making it so hard to follow Cooper that I didn't bother enforcing any of the signage. 

There were almost always people in the background, usually varying ladies with striped shirts. 

Not sure if this is little "Sasquisha" or "Jack" or "Kinberly" (get it KINberly as in pumpkin) getting a see-saw ride. 

I love how the big kids just instinctively took turns following Cooper around. 

I finally realized that a better plan than trying to follow Cooper in the maze with my rollator was to put on my long lens and that worked better. Especially to sometimes blur the background. 

Beautiful cousins. 

Photobomb coming up. 

I can forgive this lady with the striped shirt because she's toting a really cute baby with a striped shirt. 

See-saw attempt :-)

So many slides!

Supervisory position. 

This is the point where we went to see the animals and Dana began her heroic efforts to disengage Cooper from the toddler maze so we could go to the pumpkin patch. We'll take up there another day. 



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